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Monday 29 August 2016

Regula Schule Remembered

April 22, 1928 – July 24, 2016
Lebenslauf for Regula Schule delivered by Linda Saunders-McLean

Anna Regula Schule was born on the 22nd of April, 1928 in Zurich, Switzerland to Charles Schule and Irene Lieb.  In July of 1928 Regula was baptized in the Swiss Reformed  Church.  In 1935 because of financial difficulties Regula went to live with an uncle who was a minister and even though Regula’s family was not Moravian they would faithfully read the Moravian Daily Text at breakfast time. Regula stated that this was quite common in many Christian households in Switzerland.  In 1944 on Palm Sunday Regula was confirmed by Herman Kubler in Erlenbach-Surich.  From there Regula taught Sunday School, joined a church youth group and received her college training to be a teacher.  After receiving her teaching degree Regula went to work in Switzerland with mentally handicapped children for two years.  For five years Regula taught grades 1-6 in a one room school and for twelve years Regula taught grades 1-8 in a small farming village.  There, Regula led a youth group and was the organist for the local church.  Regula also led the church choir and served on the provincial council for religious education where she went on to lead Sunday school camps and became involved in a regional retreat center.
In 1968 when Regula was in her late 30’s she thought she would like to be a missionary teacher and so she applied with a mission society that her church supported.  From there Regula applied for missionary work with the Moravian Church and was offered the choice of going to Africa or Labrador.  Regula thought that Africa would be an interesting place to work but fortunately for us Regula was directed to work in Labrador. In her own words “Labrador is my home now and I’m glad, I’m really glad”, “and thankful that God directed it this way”.  
When Regula arrived in Labrador one of the first people she met was Rev. Bill Peacock who was also the superintendent of the schools.  Regula learned when she arrived in Canada that the Moravian church no longer was in charge of schools in Labrador but were now under the government.  Which changed the school curriculum.  On New Years in 1969 Regula became a member of the Moravian Church. 
1968 – 1972 Regula’s first job was as a principal and school teacher where she taught grades 1-4 and special ed in Makkovik.  From 1972 – 1980 Regula then went to work in North West River where she taught grade 4 and special ed and dedicated herself to the Moravian Church and since there was no regular minister in that community Regula volunteered to do the service each Sunday.  While teaching in North West River, Regula met a beautiful little Inuit girl named Susie Barbour whose first words to Regula was “you pretty”!  This sweet little girl melted Regula’s heart and in 1982 Regula adopted her sweet little Susie.  In Regula’s words “She became my life’s joy and fulfillment of family dreams.”  Susie says when she first met her mom she could only count 1, 2, 3, 7.  But through all of Regula’s hard work and determination Susie learned to count, read, use the computer and show compassion for others.  Susie and Regula tirelessly educated people about FASD, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and strongly advised women not to drink when pregnant. 
In 1993 Regula and Susie moved to Happy Valley where Regula became involved with various groups:  The Gemeinschff which was a small group of people who gathered together usually in each other’s homes to study the Bible.  On a weekly basis Regula would go to the Labrador Correctional Center to teach “her boys” about the Bible.  Regula also taught children’s choir as well as an adult choir with the Moravian Church.  For many years Regula served as an Acolyte in the Happy Valley Moravian Church where she performed marriages, baptisms, holy communions, funerals and also visited people in the hospital.  Because Regula could read Inuktitut she would often visit Inuit elders and read to them.  Regula also served the Moravian Church as a Chapel Servant and a Sunday school teacher, an organist and was a part of the world day of prayer. 
Regula was also involved in the Mokami Status of Women’s Group, the Special Olympics and would often escort Susie to St. John’s for doctor’s appointments.  Regula tirelessly served God by serving others.  In her private life Regula received a constant stream of visitors and phone calls, she cared for those who were in need.  Often Regula would take in people who had nowhere else to go such as young, unwed mothers.  People would often go to her for food.  During one of my visits to her home Regula displayed bags and boxes of food to hand out to those who were in want.  Regula was no stranger to those in need and I have heard the phrase “ Regula was the Mother Teresa to the North”. 
I have often worried about Regula and Susie and voiced my concerns to her, but she was such a strong willed, independent woman and stood her ground when it came to the choices of helping those who expressed their need for her help.
Regula is predeceased by her parents Irene and Charles Schule and brothers Ueli Schule and Hans Schule.  Regula is deeply mourned by her beloved daughter Susie, and sister Elizabeth Schule in Switzerland. She will be missed by her many friends; her sisters and brothers in Christ of the Moravian Church; the inmates of the Labrador Correctional Center who held a special place in her heart; her former students in Makkovik, North West River and Happy Valley; and the whole community of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Regula will be remembered for her incredible kindness, her missionary spirit, her ministry to those in need, and her love of music.

At the end of her notes Regula says, “So I say through God’s grace I had a very rich life and often muddling along and trying to catch up always held by his hand and coaxed by his tender touch."  

Thank you.


Jesus forgave those who persecuted him

-           Linda Saunders-McLean
Happy Valley Moravian Church

Saturday 30 August 2014


The Brigitte Schloss Memorial Merit Award is to be presented annually to youth who are involved in the Moravian Church in a positive way.  This award was renamed following the passing of Rev. Dr. Brigitte Schloss (1927-2013).  See blog entries August 23, 2013, and October 3, 2007 for more information about Brigitte.  This year there were three recipients:  In Makkovik, Tobey Andersen (see photo) received the award for her assistance as a Sunday School teacher.  She also attended congregational meetings and her input into discussion was very much appreciated.  We wish her well as she heads to Ottawa for further education.  In Nain, twelve  year old Devin Dyson received the award.  Devin is a member of the Nain brass band and has attended two workshops led by Dr. Tom Gordon and friends.  It is wonderful that he shares his music by playing at church functions and other community events!  In Happy Valley, Heather McLean has once again been nominated to receive the award.  She received it in 2013 as well for her help with Sunday School and participation in church activities.  Thank you to these youth who are doing their part to enrich the life of the church in their communities.  

Monday 2 June 2014

New MCNL Bible Initiative Growing Leaders Within Our Province

Wherefore take up the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and, having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having girded your loins with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; withal taking up the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the evil [one].  And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: with all prayer and supplication praying at all seasons in the Spirit, and watching thereunto in all perseverance and supplication for all the saints, And on my behalf, that utterance may be given unto me in opening my mouth, to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains; that in it I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.  Ephesians 6:13-20
The new MCNL Bible Initiative is an integrated bible learning opportunity for all Labrador Moravians interested in furthering their knowledge of God's Word so they can better live out life Jesus called us to and strengthen our witness of Him in our lives.  The Bible Initiative is a bible survey examining each book of the bible; Old and New Testament, in a general but impacting and exciting way. 

This integrated program takes into account different learning styles and seeks to present different ways to 'hear' the Word.  Some of these ways include:  reading, listening, interacting with other bible students both online, on our new blog, on Skype, and in-person class-time.  Engaging in discussion and being challenged helps us in our learning thereby being better equipped to live what we learn and share it with others.

The online lecture series we're participating in is called "Dimensions of the Faith" offered by Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.  It is offered in different formats for your convenience; online (free), CDs (small charge). The online lecture series coordinates with a workbook either online or paper (downloadable) so you can take notes as you listen.  Lectures can be easily repeated in case you need to hear a portion repeated for better understanding.
 As our faith is rooted in the context of God's people, discussion between students and instructor is important and a benefit for all.  The MCNL Bible Initiative provides discussion in three ways. 
1)     You will find online discussion boards on the "Dimensions of the Faith" to help you learn with others as they also progress through the bible material.  You can interact with other students from around the world on the same material as you're learning simply by entering into a question of your choice.
2)     You also have the opportunity to talk with the other Labrador students and a minister via our scheduled Skype group discussions held once-a-month. 
3)     You also have the opportunity to talk, ask questions, and work out your understandings and challenges of your learning when we meet together in person as a group (individual communities) also once a month. 
Contact Information:  Rev. Glenna J. Tasedan, 709-899-4551 or
Get going today.  All are welcome.


Happy Valley Moravian Celebrates 60 Years

Our youngest of Moravian churches, Happy Valley Moravian, celebrated their 60th Anniversary of their founding in October 2014.  After various celebratory activities and worship over the year, the momentous occasion culminated in a weekend of special events including a lovefeast, story-sharing, and a history tea sharing the 60 year history in pictures, stories, 1st-hand accounts, memorabilia, and readings of the ministers' diaries and records.  Visitors and members from previous years were present and the weekend climaxed with a church-wide supper at the Masonic Lodge. 
The anniversary was marked by specially made coffee mugs, pens, and shopping bags engraved with the above sketch by the beloved minister the Rev. David Dickenson from England.  Rejoicing and thanksgiving are extended to all the Moravian ministers serving this congregation including but not limited to the Revs. Peacock, Dickenson, Guerney, Robinson, Edmunds, and most recently Rev. Tasedan, and to the congregation's many devoted lay leaders over the years.  Many thanks to the Anniversary Committee for their hard work.  The greatest thanks and glory goes to Jesus Christ, our Chief Elder. 
As Happy Valley Moravian represents the most recent migration of many Labrador Inuit Moravians, inspired by the placement and building of a new air base in Labrador, the following well-documented history timeline is shared from diaries, letters, and journals.
The Founding of Happy Valley Moravian Church
Prior to July 1953       
Fall  1943   Family of Gilbert Saunders (Don) -  left Davis Inlet, Big Bay, and Makkovik[1]– picked up Family of John Broomfield [Walter, John, Lily [mom's sister's son]) –  and family of Thorwald Perrault [Alice, Ron, Walter], and Walters family [Eliza, Grace, Jane, Sam, Simon Ebert].[2] Families settled  at Otter Creek.[3]
By 1950   Moravians & Anglicans were holding services in the Friendship Cntr;  (Anglican-Moravian school)[4]
1952 – Scout Hall was erected and Moravian worship was held there.  Building was also used as classrooms until the joint Anglican-Moravian School could be built [1953].[5]
There was an Anglican deaconess Adams pastoral presence-(early 50s)    Anglican founding-1st baptism.[6]
Prior to 1953 until Dec. 1954   Moravians were worshipping in Boy Scout Hut
March 30   Letter requesting Mission Board of England if they would assign a minister to the Happy Valley congregation.  Visiting Anglican/United ministers only visit their own.  Minister in NWR occasionally available for special circumstances.[7]
July 23   "You will be pleased to know that we now have a regularly constituted congregation in Happy Valley Goose Bay & that the following officers have been chosen & elected:  John Broomfield, Chapel Servant, Alice Perrault-Chapel Servant, Thorwald Perrault-Elder."[8]
Two additional members elected to join them to assist John Broomfield.  Elected Elders:  Alfred Winters, Norman Edmunds.[9]
John Broomfield installed (as 'Lay Minister'?)[10]
Oct. 3   Foundation for the Moravian Church in Happy Valley.  Workers names: Norman Edmunds, Edward Andersen, Alfred Winters, Charles Broomfield & John Broomfield.[11]  [This was the reason John began his journal]
Nov. 12/13  Lumber was brought from Mud Lake by boat and landed on the river beach under a river bank some 18-20 feet high.  A gang of willing workers (21 men) came along with lanterns at night and landed it all  on top of this bank ready to be hauled by truck to where the foundation was started.[12]
Nov. 14   American Air Force donated use of truck to haul lumber to where the foundation was started.  Lumber was hauled, stacked & piled ready to use as soon as the snow goes in the spring.[13]
Nov. 20   First floor of church laid and things left until spring.  (Workers weren't available for working).[14]
January 30   Meeting called by Rev. Peacock (visit).  25 members present.  Nominated Chapel Servants: Mrs. Gilbert Saunders & Mrs. Bridget Winters.[15]
February 3   Rev. F.W. Peacock (superintendent from Nain, held service to consecrate the place for the building.  Consecration done on the floor of church.[16]
February 10   W.T.Perrault elected Chairperson.  W.E.Andersen elected Vice Chair-person.[17]
June 8    Framing of church completed.[18]
September 11   Roof of church is up.[19]
December 18   Hauled the organ on a komatik from Mr. Gilbert Saunders house to the church for use until congregation can afford one.
December 19  First service in new sanctuary. Seats without backs.  A wood stove for heat. Coleman lanterns for light.  "Church was packed full with adults and children" (114). [20]  Note:  This Christmas service held on Sunday as men would be working on Christmas day.
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8.     Happy Valley Town Census, October 26, 1947.                    HVC
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10.  Perrault, Alice.  "History of Happy Valley"                                                  HHV

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Monday 26 August 2013


Summer has just about come and gone, and many of our youth have grown in amazing ways while attending our Moravian youth camp on August 5th through the 9th, 2013 at Little Bay South near Hopedale.  Twelve youth ranging from 10 years to 12 years old attended under the counselor care and supervision of Sarah Jensen (friendly nurse too), Marjorie Flowers (as amazing as she is crazy), Wanda Lucy (wow of a cook & adventurer), Philip Abel (safety & overseer), and the Rev. Glenna Tasedan (music with element of clumsiness).  Our campers were amazing!  Enduring some cold weather, they participated in drama, a bible scavenger hunt, fishing & boil-up, Inuit games, cool crafts, a lot of singing & exciting bible studies.  All are looking forward to next year and the variety of experiences this camp setting provides. 
See them lovely dieners (servers) - comin' down the aisle
Hear those tea cups a'clankin - drivin people wild,
We're gonna have a lovefeast, bum,bum,bum,
Gonna have - some fun!
Slurp'in up that hot tea, -  and gnaw'in on them buns!
Song lyrics thanks to Laurel Ridge & Labrador youth
   Creating living sculptures

Chow time with Wanda & Sarah

enroute to fishing & boil-up

  Philip watched for the bears

  a silly moment

  Shannon & Denver

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet..."

 Inuit game night

rising of a new day in Christ
We give thanks and praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Friday 23 August 2013

A Celebration of Life and a Thanksgiving to God

"The opportunities and needs are great. Pray the Lord of the harvest."
It is with deep sadness that the Labrador Moravians say good-bye to long-time servant of Christ, Rev. Dr. Brigitte Schloss, missionary to the Labrador Moravians since 1950.  She has served many roles in and out of the church; teacher, mentor, minister, Chaplain, advocate, and friend to name a few. 
Brigitte was born in Guadau, Germany on Oct. 3, 1927, the 3rd child of Erwin Schloss (Moravian minister) and Emy nee Ruggert. On Oct. 30, 1927 she was baptized by her father. due to his Jewish origins, the family had to leave Germany in 1935 and went to Bern, Switzerland where she went to school and was confirmed by her father on April 18, 1943.  The very careful instruction he gave her was considered by Brigitte to be a blessing to her all of her life.
After 2 years of teacher training, 2 years of teaching Switzerland, she spent a year in England to learn the language with a call to serve God in the Moravian Church.  Her desire was to serve in Rajpur, yet, in 1950, she came to Labrador where she stayed until 1971.  Brigitte said "I thank God for those years in which I learned more than I could ever hope to teach and received so much more than I could give."
From 1971-81 Brigitte was in Ontario, obtained a further degree and got experience in teacher education. From 1981-1988 she coordinated the Native Teacher Education Program in Labrador.  The program aimed at helping Labradorians become qualified teachers and direct the education of their children.  "This work afforded me much time in Labrador and more joys than she could tell." 
Brigitte was installed as an Acolyte on September 4, 1988 in Nain by the Rev. Otto Dreydoppel.  From 1989 on she served Labrador Moravians who lived in St. John's, or who came to study, or were patients in the hospital, or had to spend some time at the correctional facility.  "This too was a privilege and high calling." 
Brigitte was ordained in Nain by the Bishop A. Freeman on October 3, 1995.
Brigitte stories flow from all over the Labrador province of her teaching languages and other subjects, her sense of discipline, love of education, and her passion and love for the Lord Jesus. Brigitte will be missed by many in this corner of the world, and many whom she inspired around the world.
"God has led me all the way and I learned that nothing can separate me from His love"

Wednesday 19 June 2013

"Your Word is lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." Psalm 119:105
Fall 2013 Brings Big News at the MCNL
With the coming of fall (amazingly, the warmth of the summer hasn't quite arrived as yet) the MCNL begins a new chapter in its history of promoting biblical literacy among all.  We will be beginning a new Bible Initiative, available without charge to all Labrador Moravians.  The Bible Initiative seeks to grow our own leadership, to grow biblical literacy especially with the vacancies of pastoral leadership, and will help to grow our existing lay leadership, new lay leadership, as well as prevent burn-out of existing leadership.
"And you also were included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. Having believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit...,"  Ephesians 1:13
Phase 1 of the Bible Initiative will be an 8-month biblical survey of the Old and New Testaments in partnership with the Ockenga Institute of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.  The coursework will include online lectures, a workbook, textbooks, pastoral classes in-person, online pastoral class discussions, and "iron sharpens iron" online discussion, all leading to a certificate of completion.
If you're interested in taking the 6-week classes, you may contact MCNL Provincial Chairperson Sarah Jensen or the Rev. Glenna J. Tasedan  

"For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart." Hebrews 4:12